Requirements to rent from Redbird Realty
  1. Be employeed - with good work history
    • provide name and address of employer

  2. Have no BAD rental history - (i.e. evictions)
    • provide past rental history for verification

  3. Have no record of passing bad checks
  4. Have no criminal record or current trouble with the law.

  5. Be willing to pay rent on time!
  6. Have the money to pay rent at move in.
  7. Have the utilities put in Your name at move in time.
  8. Be willing to abide by the rental contract as stated at time of signing.
  • Some properties allow pets. Check with me before moving in. Having a pet where not allowed is a violation of the lease and is grounds for eviction. A pet deposit is reuired for EACH pet
  • In some cases it is possible to split up the security deposit or work out an agreement to trade repairs or painting for the deposit.
  • Accumilation of junk cars and trash on the property is not acceptible. You will be warned and if the situation is not taken care of then action will be taken.
  • Repeated complaints from your neighbors as well as police being called reguarding you and /or your friends will not be tollerated.

You can view and print an application from the link online. When you have filled in all information, please bring it by or fax it to my office. Make sure to call before coming by. I am in and out of the office everyday.

To drop off an application please come to my office at 1700 W. College. It is located one block west of Kansas Expressway on College. The College Street Cafe is on the East side of the parking lot and my office is on the West. Look for the Redbird on the sign.